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How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

By default, WordPress has a modest limit for uploading images, videos, and other files. It’s a similar story for your PHP memory limit, which helps you run plugins and scripts. For some it is as low as 2MB which is clearly not enough for media files like (audio / video). Most pictures are under 2MB, so

What is Site Publisher, and how to use it effectively?

You’ve found the perfect web host, and you’ve just been given your cPanel login details, but you’re overwhelmed by the next step… Getting your website online as soon as you can is the obvious choice, but content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal can often leave you feeling overwhelmed. In some situations, a simple,

WordPress Redirect Hack via

We’ve been working on a few WordPress sites with the same infection that randomly redirects visitors to malicious sites via the default7 .com / test0 .com / test246 .com domains. In this post, we’ll provide you with a review of this attack, investigated by our malware analyst Header.php Injection In all cases, the malware injects

What is an XSS Vulnerability?

Question: What is an XSS vulnerability? Should I be concerned about an XSS vulnerability? XSS (short for Cross-Site Scripting) is a widespread vulnerability that affects many web applications. The danger behind XSS is that it allows an attacker to inject content into a website and modify how it is displayed, forcing a victim’s browser to