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Server Response Time – Google PageSpeed Insights

Server Response Time is a metric used by Google to calculate the time it takes to load HTML from our server less the network latency between Google’s testing server and our server. Google considers a server ‘slow’ if the response time is greater than 200ms. This is often very misleading to web developers and web

How to enable gzip compression (mod_deflate) in cPanel

Gzip compression speed up loading times for your site and to save bandwidth. This means that content of your site will be served by the Apache Web Server in a compressed form. To enable the gzip compression for your site, follow the steps: Go to and log in Look for Optimize Website entry (SOFTWARE cPanel section) Here you have

How to change PHP Versions and PHP Settings in cPanel

In some cases, correct functioning of your website depends on a PHP version installed on the server.  WebHostNepal Hosting servers support multiple versions of PHP.  This guide describes how to change php version on Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting from WebHostNepal. To change the PHP version used for your account, follow these steps: Log into your

Guide to Resource Limits on Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting

All hosting accounts on WebHostNepal’s Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting platforms have resource limits in place. These resource limits are designed to safeguard your account. In the past, other users on the server could consume all of the available resources (CPU/Processor, RAM/Memory or Disk Access) and cause a slow down for other websites hosted on

How to Disable Theme and Plugin Editors in WordPress

WordPress allows users to edit the theme and plugin codes by default through the admin panel. While it is a handy feature, it can be very dangerous as well. A simple typo can end up locking you out of your site unless of course you have the FTP access. To prevent clients from screwing up the

Creating an Email Signature in RoundCube

Email signatures are generally used to display the sender’s name and contact information at the end of an email. Sometimes they are used to give website links or even memorable anecdotes. Regardless of what you wish to make your signature say, it is much easier if this content is automatically added to the end of every

What is CDN and How a CDN Works ?

What is a CDN and How a CDN Works ? You may not know it but every time that you use the internet, you interact with CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks). You use CDN services when you read news articles, post in social media sites, watch videos, and even when you shop online. CDN’s fingerprints can

Setting a 404 Error Page via htaccess

In this article we’ll discuss setting up a custom 404 error page via a .htaccess file. This will allow you to set the message that visitors to your site receive when they request a page that doesn’t exist on the server. If you’re running WordPress on your website, you might want to think about installing

How to stop my emails from being labeled as spam

You may find yourself often fighting the frustration of having your business emails getting classified as spam in your customer email boxes. The fact is that about 80-90% of All email on the internet is spam. In spite of this, businesses anticipate increasing the number of email campaigns on the web. To stop the bombardment,

What Is an IP Address ?

Internet Protocol (IP) was first created in the 1970’s to connect the first computers to each other and allow them to send and receive packets of information. Today, every device that connects to the internet requires an IP address. An example IP address that many people will recognize is: However, that is not really