How to enable gzip compression (mod_deflate) in cPanel

Gzip compression speed up loading times for your site and to save bandwidth. This means that content of your site will be served by the Apache Web Server in a compressed form.

To enable the gzip compression for your site, follow the steps:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Look for Optimize Website entry (SOFTWARE cPanel section)
  3. Here you have 3 options:
    Disabled – which will disable the compression
    Compress All Content – with this option all content will be compressed
    Compress the specified MIME types – here, you will be able to input only certain MIME file types.
  4. So, choose the second option and click the Update Settings button. A confirmation message will appear: Website optimization preferences updated. Content compression is now enabled. Content compression is now enabled for all content.
  5. Your site is using now the gzip compression.
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