Best Way to Earn from Blog/Website

Best Way to Earn from Blog/Website

Learning: The best way to earn from Blog/Website in 2019

Hey Bloggers!

Earning from online is going tough day by day, which makes us boring and impatience. Earning from Blog is also a little tough work.

Therefore… Today, we will be learning the best two ways to earn from blog or website in 2019.

Best Way to Earn from Blog or Website in 2019

  • Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing

Best Way to Earn from Blog/Website: Advertisement

How to do Advertisement in my site?
It’s not too easy to get Advertisement on your site., as you think. Getting Ads on your blog will make hopeless. There are several ways to add Advertisement on your site. You can get ADs from organizations, businesses, Google Adsense, Media.Net, Propeller Ads, and much more….

Sustainable Ways to Get Ads:

  1. Google Adsense (Recommended)
  2. Media.Net (Recommended)

Convenient Ways to Get Ads:

  1. Promote Others Site (Recommended)
  2. Promote Organizations/Businesses (Recommended)
  3. Propeller Ads and Infolinks

Note: Media.Net can be a little difficult for you to get Ads. There’s an only chance to get Adsense Approval for Media.Net, and that is your site must have a nice number of traffic from Europian Countries.

What is the condition to get Ads from Companies?

Business Companies and Organizations only give you Ads, if your site has a good amount of traffic, otherwise, there’s no chance to get Ads from companies.

Do propeller Ads and Infolinks can give a good amount of earning?

Propeller Ads and Infolinks are not convenient for blogs, because these ads network can damage your site reputation… These ads can only be perfect movies and downloading sites.
Yes, you can earn a good amount of earning, if your site has perfect traffic.

Basic things that your sites need before applying for Google Adsense?

  1. Terms and Conditions Page
  2. About Us Page
  3. Contact Us Page
  4. Privacy Policy Page
  5. High rated domain (.com, .net, .info).. you can’t get Adsense Approval in (.tk, .ml, more)
  6. Nice traffic (Optional)
  7. Nice and Easy Navigation (like: Menu Bar)
  8. No mixed content
  9. No Popup Ads


Best Way to Earn from Blog/Website: Affiliate Marketing

How to do Affiliate Marketing in my blog or site?
It not tough to get Affiliate Links on your site, but it’s too tough to get affiliate clicks and buys…

You just need to sign up in your desired affiliates site, and you can find affiliate options on them. And just you need to copy and paste the code.

Popular Affiliate Programs 2019:

  1. Amazon Amazon Associates
  2. BlueHost
  3. Payolee Partners
  4. CrakRevenue

You can add the links of Affiliate and earn a good revenue.

Although these are some major method to earn from a blog. I have give some more ways to earn from a blog.

Best Ways to Earn From A Blog: More Ways

  • Make Restricted Members Only Content
  • Make a Private Forum
  • Make a Questions and Answers Website
  • Make a Directory Website With WordPress
  • Make a WordPress Job Board With Paid Submissions
  • Make a Paid Business Directory
  • Make a WordPress Event Calendar With Paid Submissions
  • Sell Digital Products With WordPress
  • Sell Ebooks on WordPress
  • Sell Online Courses
  • Host a Paid Webinar
  • Sell Services Online Using WordPress
  • Offer Freelance Services
  • Begin Your Own Consulting Business
  • Become a Coach
  • Sell Physical Products Online Using WordPress
  • Begin an ECommerce Business With WooCommerce
  • Make an Online T-shirt Store With WordPress
  • Make a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store
  • Make an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop
  • Offer Platform as a Service
  • Make an Online Marketplace Website
  • Make an Auctions Website
  • Make a Job Marketplace site
  • Become a WordPress Designer or Developer
  • Create WordPress Plugins
  • Sell WordPress Themes
  • Sell Graphics on Your WordPress Site
  • Gifts
  • Acknowledge Donations

Advertisements Vs Affiliates will be on next article.

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