URL vs Domain Name

URL vs Domain Name

URL vs Domain Name

As soon as your website is live and functioning properly, there are more technical terms that bother you and can’t find out what do you need, what you don’t need and why you need it. The two things that look and acts similar to each other but they aren’t and they are URL and Domain Names. Follow up the full article for URL vs Domain Name.

In this blog, you’ll get some brief idea, what is the key difference between URL and Domain Name and why they are used.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain Name is simply the human-readable identity given to any of the IP address that points to the particular website. Domain Name is part of URL but URL is not part of Domain Name.

When you browse the URL as webhostnepal.com, the term webhostnepal.com is the domain name of the website IP address. Instead of an IP address, it is more flexible and easy to call the domain name of the website. Similarly, for a google domain name is google.com.

Domain Name is a fundamental part of any website. To get live any website, you must have the domain name and host for it. Hosting serves your site on the internet and anyone in the world can browse it.

There are different forms of Domain Names available in the market, some of them for Organization or for Personal or for Education purpose. According to to the domain name selection type, you get the different extension for it. We will not cover different types of Domain Name in this blog.

What is the URL?

When you browse the webhostnepal.com, you see the content of the particular website, similarly, if you go to the https://www.webhostnepal.com/cloud now it is a URL as the content of the page /cloud is referenced. So, URL browses the content of the particular website.

URL includes the Domain Name and HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure).

Difference Between URL and Domain Name

  • URL contains the full web address that includes Domain name too. But domain name define just the organization or entity.
  •  URL provides more detail information about the particular page, while the domain name is just a single aspect of a URL.
  • To get the URL of the particular page, you first need a domain name. But Domain name can be configured without the URL.
  • Domain Name can be pointed to a single page, while URL can point to multiple pages but with a different slug.


So, Domain name and URL both are the part of websites, without which today’s website does not exist. While noticing the differences, the above are some of the key difference between URL and Domain Name. Domain Name is the part of URL but URL is not the part of Domain name. Only one page can be accessed by the domain name, while multiple pages can be accessed with URL. You can even think domain name as the short form of URL. So, this article focuses on URL vs Domain Name.

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