What is IP Address

What is an IP Address? Simple Guide to Understand

Yes, Guys! Today’s title is ‘What is an IP Address?‘.

I know that you have heard too much about IP Address on the web or internet. It was really very annoying when I heard about IP Address at first. It was too difficult to understand me about IP Address when I heard it at first.

No worry… You will learn everything about IP Address in this article.


What does IP Address stand for?

IP Address stands for Internet Protocol Address (IP address).

What is IP Address?

A numerical tag which is attached to each device connected to a network address that uses IP to communicate is called an IP(Internet Protocol) Address.

In simple words,

IP Address is a network address for your computer so the Internet could know where to send you information like emails, videos, text and images.

Example of IP Address

Here is a example of IP address…

How does an IP Address works?

When you get on the internet to send an email, you’re surfing a computer network that is attached to another network. So, computers need to be connected to communicate with each other…

So, here’s the work of IP…

Let’s consider that, we need to visit facebook.com, and what do we do? Commonly, we type facebook.com is our web browser and hit enter.

Here, facebook.com is a product that you want. You asked for the product with your friend and she is sending you through the parcel. So, your friend will wrap the product with a box, attach an address on that and request to a parcel company to send the box to you… And the parcel company will send the product to you… Now, you will be able to receive the product.

Too long process, yeah!!!

Like this, you’re a user here, and your friend is a web browser, parcel company is a DNS Server and your address is the IP Address.

When you type facebook.com on the web browser, the web browser will request with DNS Server to load the site. Then DNS Server searches for your IP Address attached by the web browser, to confirm that where to load the webpage. After being confirmed, DNS Server gives access to the web browser to load the site.

Such an IP Address works.

What are the varieties of IP Addresses?

  • Private IP addresses
  • Public IP addresses
  • Static IP addresses
  • Dynamic IP addresses

What Is My IP Address?

Every devices and OS requires unique methods to search and find the IP address. There are also various methods to take if you’re searching for the Public IP address distributed to you by your Internet Service Provider.

There’s an easy method to see your Public IP Address, you can search for ‘What is my IP Address‘ on google.

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