cPanel Price Hike

cPanel new License Model, Pricing structure and its effects to Hosting Resellers


On Thursday 27 Jun 2019, cPanel announced the licensing model, which affects the emotions of web hosting companies accessing the cPanel globally. After a month of feedback and recommendations, cPanel released the official notice regarding the new pricing and licensing structure to their Partners, Distributors, and their cPanel store customers. The new pricing structure of cPanel includes multiple tiers architecture instead of single tiers, which used to be.

Until September 1st, all the monthly license remains as to the old pricing structure, with the time flow these accounts automatically converted to the new pricing license structure.

Why cPanel announced new Pricing structure?

The server that is running since 20 years ago is not powerful enough and is not able to move in pace with today’s server. Today these servers were running just because of the optimized cPanel software and constant innovation in the hardware sector.

As the cPanel is growing and added more development resources, structure, and brainpower, which in turns increase the development projects. So, the main reason behind increasing the price rapidly is to simplify the process of adding new servers and make it easier to serve a cPanel customer. With this price, the company can continue to invest in product development, thrive in an increasingly hostile security landscape, grow the customer ecosystem and can remain a leader in hosting automation.

cPanel New Pricing Model effects to Customers

  • Shared-customer to private cloud-customer
  • Lower density customer can deploy without the need to purchase a large multi-Account license.
  • cPanel customers will be able to provision their hosting infrastructure more efficiently
  • cPanel customers with a lower cPanel Account density will see improvement in performance, resource utilization, and in some cases, a reduction in their invoicing.

cPanel Fixed Account Licensing Model

cPanel Flexible Account Licensing Model

WebHostNepal Plans in further processing of Reseller Hosting Plan

As soon as we got the email from cPanel illustrating the detail and reason behind the new price model, we face disturbance and we don’t have any clue on What to do? so after the discussion with our technical team. We conclude that initially, we are going to update our pricing structure according to the cPanel new pricing model and later we are planning to move into alternative.

So here is our new Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing, for you? Click Here

If you think, our new pricing model is not relevant for you, you got an option either shift all of your reseller clients to a separate Hosting plan we offer or shift all of your reselling plans to next server anywhere you prefer.

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