6 things we need know before register domain names

Purchasing a domain is very easy bearing the high number of registrars on the market today. It is possible to search for a domain of your preference and claim it within minutes after paying associated fees with a debit or credit card. However, confusion may arise especially if you are a new to the web development industry. Some domain registration companies offer their packages for low fees while sacrificing the quality of service. Others are extremely expensive making you to spend extravagantly for a single domain. Here are 6 things you need to know before registering a domain name.


#1: Domain search feature

Always go for a domain registrar who offers a full blown search feature. This is an interface that allows you to look for available domains using a keyword, phrase or even a web address. The search feature is very important because it assists you to prevent registering with other companies’ trademark especially when finding your preferred domain with keywords. This in turn helps you to find the most suitable domain that matches your company name. You may also look for country top level domains to enhance your website visibility. Make sure the domain search feature is present.

#2: Renewal fee

Some web companies register a domain for you at a cheaper price and domain promo code for the first year to get you on their trap. Later, you will be required to pay a lot of money to renew the same domain. This might be very confusing and may cause your domain to get expired especially if you don’t meet the expected cost. Always read the terms and conditions that are listed on each registrar before parting with your cash. Ascertain whether the domains are on discounts or not. Also, make sure that the renewal process will be a breeze. In this way, you will stay away from fines and unexpected fees.

#3: Domain protection

The most forgotten of the 6 things you need to know before registering a domain name is “Whois”. When you register a domain, your personal or company details are saved in a publicly database named “Whois”. It therefore becomes possible for email spammers and hackers to utilize such information. Domain protection can hide this information. Also, register your website in a company that has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) services. SSL encrypts information from browsers to prevent eavesdropping especially when dealing with sensitive information.

#4: Ads free service

Registrars who offer domain names at extremely cheaper prices may surprise your web visitors with pop-ups and advertisements. This can be very traumatizing especially if you want to build your company brand. Normally, visitors will move away from a website if they see lots of advertisement on the content or in pop-up windows. Such experience can hurt your website. It is better to part with a larger amount and have full control of what appears on your website.

#5: Transfer fees

You don’t have to stick to the same domain registrar if the services offered do not measure up. Bearing this in mind, enquire about the transfers fees associated in case you want to change the platform. Some unscrupulous registrars may charge heavy transfer fees to discourage you from moving away from their platform. You don’t want this to happen unexpectedly. Therefore, make sure that you can meet their costs without any headache.

#6: Hosting needs

Last but not least, a large percentage of webmasters prefer hosting their websites in the same place they bought a domain name. This simplifies the administration process especially when managing lots of websites. You are not an exception to this. Analyze the hosting needs and see whether the registering company can offer them at a competitive price. This consolidates your domain manager and web hosting control panel in the same place. By follow these 6 things you need to know before registering a domain name, your web administration will be easy and unproblematic.

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